Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Resource general provisions

Amber Jet Group LLC. team providing VIP / group and business charter air services. Our website (the Resource) provides quotes for air charter trips by third party air carriers and operators. Amber Jet Group LLC. does not and will not act as an air carrier or operate, maintain, own or charter aircraft and will only act as an information, reservation, and payment services provider on behalf of our customers. These Terms and Conditions govern your access to and use of the Resource and services provided therein. You, as User, agree to use the Resource only in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge and agree that any and all materials and information contained in the Resource, including without limitation, data, software, photographs, images, video, graphics, sounds, quotes, written and other materials (the Materials) are the property (including intellectual property) of Amber Jet Group LLC. or have been licensed to us, if not specified otherwise. You may not copy, disseminate, or misappropriate any Material without our prior written approval. However, you are allowed to print and copy portions of the Network, including these Terms and Conditions, Carrier's materials and terms and conditions, Carriage Contracts, trip confirmation information in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Amber Jet Charters may at any time amend these Terms and Conditions.

2. Charter Conditions

A Customer (or an Authorised Agent acting on behalf of a customer) may submit an aircraft charter request through Amber Jet Group LLC. website for an Itinerary specified by the customer.

2.1 Schedule and confirmation

When charter request was submitted to Amber Jet Group LLC. team, upon acceptance of the charter price, aircraft are subjected to availability of operator aircraft and crew requested by the customer. The Carrier's performance of the Flight Schedule shall at all times be subject to crew duty limitations, airport and airspace slot coordination, in addition to valid authorization being granted in a timely manner by the appropriate public and government authorities (including, but not limited to, applicable civil aviation authorities).

Aircraft charter will be confirmed only after receipt of payment in full of the Charter Price if not otherwise specified or agreed.

2.2 Meeting point

As detailed in the light Briefing provided by Amber Jet Group LLC. team.

All passengers and baggage must be ready for embarking and loading at least twenty (20) minutes prior to the Scheduled Departure Time of each segment in the Flight Schedule.

2.3 Payment details

Charter price shall be paid in full before specified date as agreed in the charter flight contract by the credit card (subject to fee) or to the bank account detailed in the invoice.

Standard quotation (if not otherwise advised) includes the following:

– Aircraft operating costs and provision of crew, fuel and maintenance; – Air navigation, en-route and approach charges; – Crew allowances, accommodation and transportation; – VIP lounges if available; – Aircraft and passenger’s insurance;– First-class catering (if available on specify aircraft); – Flight attendant (if available on specific aircraft;

The above Charter Price excludes any items not expressly enumerated in the paragraph above, especially: Any royalties, non-objection fees, custom duties, taxes, deicing where incurred (including any positioning sector required to perform the Flight Schedule), specific catering requirements beyond the Carrier's standard provision. All excluded items shall be paid by the Customer on demand and, if paid by Company, shall be reimbursed without delay by the Customer.

2.4 Delays

If the performance of the Flight Schedule or any part thereof is prevented or delayed by the Customer, it servants or agents or any passenger arriving later than sixty (60) minutes prior to the scheduled Departure Time, operator may, at it’s sole discretion and without any liability whatsoever and to whosoever, either depart as scheduled or charge demurrage against a Customer at a daily rate equivalent to 2 hours at the corresponding hourly Charter Price. In addition to any rights provided under the General Terms and Conditions, the Company shall at any time be entitled to cancel the Flight Schedule or any part thereof at the Customer's responsibility (without prejudice to any claim which the Carrier may have against the Customer for demurrage up to the time of such cancellation).

2.5 Additional Costs

Any additional costs (including the cost of arranging a substitute aircraft, if and when the Company at its discretion accepts to provide the same) arising out of any en-route changes or delays as a result of (i) compliance with the requirements of international law, national legislation or subordinate legislation, (ii) Customer or Customer's passengers change requirements or delays,(iii) un-serviceability of the aircraft beyond Company’s reasonable control, (iv) safety of the crew, and/or (v) safety of the Customer or Customer's passengers, shall be payable by the Customer to the Company's Bank Account in addition to the Charter Price.

2.6 Diversions

If, for reasons of safety or security or other operational reasons not attributable to Customer or any passengers, the Aircraft is diverted from any scheduled destination specified in the Flight Schedule, Carrier shall use its reasonable endeavors to procure, as soon as reasonably practicable after arrival at such alternate destination, that the Aircraft is flown to its scheduled destination. Carrier shall have no liability or responsibility to Customer or any other party in case of delay to passengers, baggage or cargo so occasioned or in case Carrier deems that the remaining of the Flight Schedule cannot be performed. In all events, if Carrier elects to perform the remaining of the Flight Schedule, Customer shall be liable to pay any additional costs and expenses that may be incurred for continuing the Flight Schedule.

2.7 Additional flights:

If Customer requests the use of the Aircraft for any flight(s) other than as specified in the Flight Schedule, then, without prejudice to Carrier's absolute right to refuse such request, Customer shall, on demand, pay to Carrier in respect of such flight(s), such sum(s) as Carrier shall notify to Customer, together with all fees and charges incurred, arising from, or in connection with Carrier's performance of each additional flight including, without limitation, any landing fees, hangar fees, parking fees, navigation fees, ground service and handling fees, customs duties and fees, airport surcharges, accommodation, meals and refreshment charges for passengers and crew and all other costs associated thereto.

2.8 Applicable law and dispute resolution:

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with laws of Latvia. Any and all disputes arising from or in connection with the Contract, including its formation and validity, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Latvia.

2.9 Cancellation Charges:

In case of cancellation of all of part of the Flight Schedule, Customer shall pay the following cancellation charges, depending on the time the cancellation occurs:Upon confirmation:

From 72 to 48 hours before scheduled Departure Time: 20% of total Charter Price

From 48 to 24 hours before scheduled Departure Time: 80% of total Charter Price

Less than 24 hours before scheduled Departure Time: 100% of total Charter Price